Progress Report: Day 10

Progress Report: Day 10

Finding Machu Picchu

(Ten days in, I figured I’d give everyone a progress report, something I’ll try to do regularly. I imagine the format of these will change over time, so don’t get too used to how this goes.)

DAY 10

Time to Summit: 226 days

Date of Departure: Aug. 20, 2022

Present Weight: 284.6

Workouts Completed this week: 3

Field Notes: It’s been a difficult first week, but one in which I accomplished much. I applied and paid for my tour company, including my trail permit. A few days later, I received word that the company had already received confirmation of my permit. A helpful individual sent me some requested materials, and she took the time to answer a few logistical questions. Workouts at D1 have been challenging, if only because I’m fat and old. When I started this, I was a solid 286 lbs., flat. After three grueling workouts and a renewed focus on my diet, I’m down very slightly. But my stamina seems to be improving.

I anticipate one of the biggest challenges of this endeavor will be to get my caloric intake under control. I enjoy my chocolate and my bourbon — sometimes together.

Goals I hope to accomplish in the coming days include getting a handle on travel to and from Cusco, hotels, activities for my wife, and a final determination whether or not she’ll be joining me at Machu Picchu. There are, after all, significant challenges even with international travel.


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